RQI.gbase (Release November 20, 2004) Search Options:

  • Interval Search
    Returns all markers on a given chromosome between a proximal & distal range in centiMorgans that are BB, BC, CC, NG (Not Genotyped), or UE (UnExpected) for all strains.

    These results enable you to gain access to the genetic makeup of all strains.

    If you have identified a QTL in a design involving C57BL/6 and BALB/c (or their sublines) you may wish to search for a strain, which carries an introgressed BALB/cJ (CC) segment in your chromosome interval of interest.
  • Strain Search
    Select two strains from the provided list, and choose whether you'd like to see markers where the values are the same or different.

    This is useful to quickly identify similarities & differences between two arbitrary strains.

    If you identified an RQI strain carrying a CC marker in your interval of interest, you can explore the location of other CC markers (if any) in the strain of interest.